Scrapebox Discount

2 weeks ago I wrote about Scrapebox Tips (The Basics) and I mentioned a scrapebox discount code to get Scrapebox for cheaper than the $97 that it was displayed at on the website.

I decided to go ahead and include the Scrapebox Discount code here as well as some extra tips to help get you started.

If you need basic Scrapebox Tips, check out the How to Use Scrapebox post for some nice information.
Scrapebox Discount

Scrapebox Discount

The Scrapebox Discount Codes are cheapskate and BHW. Though I know everyone is all about saving money with Scrapebox, I do recommend purchasing it for the full price. Despite the looks of it, I do not get any money from you purchasing through those links ;).

Scrapebox is definitely worth the $97 it is currently priced at on the website, heck its worth the full $197 (I have never quite seen it at that price though ;) ).

Scrapebox Tips

  1. Once you find your own Proxy Lists, Change the default timeout for the proxy harvester. I have mine set to 10 and can grab 50 workable public proxies in 3 minutes. (I have over 60k to check – imagine how long that would take).
  2. Most of the proxies that time out after 10-15 seconds won’t be of much use to you anyway and will just slow you down.
  3. When fast posting, checking, or even harvesting, try to bump up your max connections and see where the balanced spot is. I’d first back up your defaults in a screen shot, in case if you need to go back.
  4. Spend some time to get some rather unique spintax going for comments; you do not wish to blast tons of blogs with similar comments or comments that do not make any sense. Spend a bit of time testing these.
  5. Find a decent names database and get a good selection of names in. You do not want to have a small selection, especially if you have a smaller selection of e-mails.
  6. The e-mails should be generic sounding, but you should have lots of them. You don’t want to have the name Jessica Jarvall and have an e-mail of
  7. Be careful with auto-approve lists. If they are over a week old they are probably useless. Once someone finds an auto-approve list it gets spread around too much and most of the blogs (note: most, a small handful will still work) get commented so much that they start moderating.
  8. A good way to find auto approve blogs is to look through pastebin and search autoapprove, or websites like mediafire and search autoapprove. (yay for internet marketers good naming conventions ;) )

Scrapebox Discount

If you are going to grab scrapebox, do consider getting it for regular price. However, if strapped for cash or whatever the reason, have the Scrapebox Discount of $57.



  1. Chris says

    Thanks for these tips. I just purchased Scrapebox and I cannot wait to learn more about it. :)

    I got the scrapebox discount too :)

    Any chance on getting a video scrapebox tutorial?

    • says

      Hey there Chris.

      I just finished up the Scrapebox Footprints post today. I’ll try to work on a full blown Scrapebox Tutorial with videos in the next few days.

      I may have to fit in an Article Marketing Robot post before writing it though. However, I’ve already started to document a few things for it :)

  2. Lars says

    I just wanted to say thanks for the article. It saved me some money using this Scrapebox Discount :D

    I was debating on purchasing scrapebox but never knew these scrapebox coupons existed.

    Do you earn any money off of that?

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