Introducing Epic Backlinks – The Backlink Pyramid Service

Have you ever wondered how to rank certain keywords at the top of Google with a backlink pyramid? At one point, all internet marketers try to figure this out and it can often times be a complicated answer. I’ve been using this backlink pyramid service mixed in with some of my own backlinking campaigns and it has been proving very useful and beneficial to my efforts. Not only does ThinkPaid rank for many useful keywords which bring it hundreds of visitors every day, but these are targeted campaigns which are well thought out and can help increase the authority your website.

What is a Backlink Pyramid?

In the past, backlink pyramids weren’t as important but over the last year Google has changed its “Panda” algorithm many times so certain Internet Marketers have to resort to being more creative when it comes to their SEO Backlinks. An SEO Pyramid or Backlink Pyramid is when you point a smaller amount of links to your money site or inner URL then reinforce that with a much larger amount of links pointing to your first tier links. You can even go further out and including a 3rd tier that points to everything. If you are unsure of how a Backlink Pyramid works or looks, an example is provided below. Keep in mind, that this Backlink Pyramid is infact just an example; some of my backlinking campaigns are smaller and others are much larger than this, depending on the keyword I am trying to target.

What is Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3?

One of the biggest issues I see on Internet Marketing forums is the amount of misinformation that is spread about what the tiers are and what they mean. Though it isn’t rocket science, it can be a bit to grasp at first if you do not have any prior experience with backlink pyramids or seo pyramids.

So what are Tier 1 links or Tier 2 links? Lets say you have a blog post that is trying to target the keywords “cutest kitties ever in the whole world”. You write up a nice 600-1000 word post then plaster 20-50 overbearingly adorable pictures of cats and call it a day; you are only partially done with what you are trying to set out to do. Though you may rank for certain keywords out of sheer authority of your website, you will want to create a backlink pyramid.

This is illustrated below in a backlink pyramid diagram with hints:

Backlink Pyramid


This gives you a basic rundown of what tiers are. You posted your blog post about kitties, and then lets say you create 40 web 2.0 blog posts (from places like wordpress, tumblr, weebly, etc) with 600 word articles (which are spun with a program like The Best Spinner to create unique content) and you link back to your blog post. The important thing is to use related anchor texts to link to your blog and also to place them contextually. These web 2.0 blog posts are what will be considered your Tier 1 of your Backlink Pyramid. Contextual web 2.0 blog posts are high quality and Google loves them.

So now that you have your tier 1 done (keeping in mind that you can substitute this for pretty much anything thats high quality), you’ll want to increase the authority of those links so that they can pass “Link Juice” to your blog. It used to be enough to just create massive amounts of web 2.0’s on the tier 1 and call it a day, but Google is smarter than that now. We have to help your Tier 1 get crawled and indexed so then you create tier 2 links which could also be web 2.0 blogs or wikis, or article directories, etc etc. These are medium to high quality links as well and you can then link those to your Tier 1 links.

You must then ask, but doesn’t that mean you have to reinforce the tier 2 links as its just the same issue as what happened with Tier 1? Yep! You are understanding it! That is exactly what you do! With your Tier 3 links, you can use a large amount of low to medium quality links to reinforce both your tier 1 and tier 2 links. Ontop of that, there are services such as Lindexed and Linklicious which help crawl your backlink pyramid and hopefully get them indexed.

What is Epic Backlinks?

Epic Backlinks is an SEO Service which utilizes customized backlink pyramids which have been known to work and provide your site with a nice amount of authority. Backlink Authority is a great way to get indexed faster and increase your rankings in Google.  Look at all the work you would have to do to create a good backlink pyramid; why not take a look at Epic Backlinks and see if any of those services are what you are looking for, for your campaign.

All pyramids are reinforced with at least 10,000 confirmed blog comments and all links are Lindexed for good boosts in crawling and potentially increase the chances of indexing your backlinks. If you are looking for a good backlink pyramid, why not try Epic Backlinks?



  1. Joan says

    I can vouch for this service. I didn’t know you owned it until you posted this!

    I #1’d my site for a 2k exact match term with the epic power pyramids. I love that name by the way.

    Good luck with your backlink pyramid service :)

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