Senuke XCr: Link Chains and new Toolbox Features

There are some new features in Senuke XCr that you have been great additions to this powerhouse of internet marketing software. One of the main things that comes to mind is the Toolbox update that lets you filter out URL’s which are found in an inner tier to be used in a second tier. You may be asking yourself though, doesn’t Senuke XCr already check if URL’s are found in a way? Yes. However, the power of this comes when you are working on big campaigns that run for multiple days; by the time it gets to the next tier submission in the part of the web you are doing, some of the inner tier links may have already disappeared.

Senuke XCr Toolbox Features:

With this new information, you can now remove those dead URL’s before continuing onto the next tier in that web tree. Not only that, but it teaches internet marketers to utilized the highly underrated Toolbox as it lets you clean out your browser history/cache inbetween chains which promotes higher success rates on projects with multiple modules of the same type. This somewhat ties into the next aspect which is known as chaining.

Senuke XCr Chain Links (or Link Chains)

This is becoming more valuable as Senuke XCr can create some rather intricate and complicated backlinking strategies. With this in mind, not a lot of people know exactly how to do an Senuke XCr Chain link; I’ve created a video to let you see for yourself on exactly how to do it. Just watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe and comment if you have any questions or suggestions on what video I should do next.

Senuke XCr 14 Day Free Trial:

If you are unsure whether or not you want to purchase the software, why not try the 14 day free trial available over at the Senuke Website. Not only is this a great way to spearhead your SEO and internet marketing efforts, but you’ll also be able to get access to the portal and download some great additions. You can also import platforms like pligg and phpdug into the social bookmarking modules, and a large amount of forum profiles too. This is especially good if you can find no-captcha sites which will let you highly strengthen your backlinking campaigns for a great value.

I’ve been using Senuke X for over a year to help rank my websites, including some of the keywords on this website. I find that Senuke XCr is one of the best internet marketing softwares available over the internet today to the public.


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