Top 7 Google Adsense Alternatives

We have probably all been there at one point or another, where Google Adsense just started to irritate you. Whether from scrubbing your earnings or not counting clicks, some internet marketers believe we have grown far too reliant on the all mighty Google. While I still use Google Adsense for product-based websites, I have also looked around for alternatives that could suit the general internet marketers needs.

Top 7 Google Adsense Alternatives:

In the following list, I will show you guys the alternatives that I would use, instead of using Google Adsense (if I had to). I mean, I just recently got somewhat frustrated when an ad voucher I received was marked invalid as of their recent changes to their system that happened a few days ago.

In my opinion though and despite the mess that Google sometimes makes during its panda updates (or whatever fuzzy creature it’ll come up with next), Google is infact the leading ad publisher out there. However, if for some reason you just cannot live with Google any longer (or are unable due to some restriction), then check out the following sites.

1) Bidvertiser

Originally I would have said that Adbrite could have been number one, but ever since their layout changeover a few years back it just isn’t the same. Bidvertiser is one of the older networks that lets publishers and advertisers work together on a closer level. Advertisers can look through the sites available on bid on them for the spots. This is personally a great way to go and payouts are at $10 which makes it quite nice for those just starting out.

2) Adbrite

The once fabled place for me to purchase cheap clicks is still a great place to purchase clicks. Despite my opinions on their new layout and feel, Adbrite has been around for the longest time and has a very large following of both publishers and advertisers. You wont go wrong with Adbrite, as a Google Adsense alternative.

3) Chitika

While this is not a standard type of ad displaying company, Chitika is one of the leading contextual advertisers out there with great value and a long running. The company is versatile and targeted when it comes to choosing local focused ads to further push some extra CTR.

4) Clicksor

Clicksor is a nice supplement and alternative to Adsense when it comes to earning additional income. It allows publishers to earn income by letting visitors underline text to view targeted ads/links on their website. Clicksor is one of the bigger ad networks out there, and depending on your niche, this could be a big money maker for you.

5) Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the biggest advertising competitors to Google Adsense and has been around for quite some time. It offers robust intext advertising that could make you quite a bit of money if youa re in the right niche. Signing up for infolinks is easy and usually only takes a day for you to get approved.

6) eClickz

eClickz really tries to push the bar by offering some interesting new ways to monetize your site. Some of the ways including things like monetizing xml feeds, domain parking, contextual ads, and more. If you need something more than your traditional ads or contextual link platforms, then perhaps you should take a look at this as a potential Google Adsense alternative.

7) Sitescout

While this site isn’t very big, I must include this gem as a Google Adsense alternative for various reasons. From the publisher stand point, you have advertisers bid on your CPM-based ad spots based on the performance and CTR of your ad areas. Depending on your type of website, CPM can be very valuable for a publisher. From an advertisers point of view, this is a CPM network with a lot of great potential deals that you could utilize in order to make some serious money (as these arent plagued with those who try to abuse adwords/adcenter vouchers).



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